When looking up parts it is important to have your model and serial number to be sure that the correct parts for your unit are ordered. Purchasing the wrong parts can be costly and time consuming. With your model and serial number you can use our free parts lookup feature to find the parts you are looking for.

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If you need help making sure you are buying the right products give us a call. Make sure to have your model and serial number handy for our parts tech. It is very important to have the correct model and serial numbers to the unit in question when calling for parts help. Without this information we cannot lookup parts or guarantee that you are purchasing the correct product.

Most lawn mowers have two model numbers. One for the mower and one on the engine. In some cases there can be a third one for the mower deck too. If you need replacement parts for the engine you would use the engine model number/type to to search for part not the model number of your unit.

Here are a few examples of model and serial numbers on lawn mowers and engines to help you get a visual reference of where to find yours.


On a zero turn unit you can usually find the model and serial number on the frame. It could be located near the engine or beneath the seat. Keep in mind that the deck may have a seperate model/serial number which can be found on the deck.

Example shown above (Left) Ariens Ikon XL 42" Model and Serial number located under the seat on the frame. (Right) Exmark Radius X-Series Model and Serial number are located at the foot rest.


On a walk behind lawn mower the model number can be foun on the deck. Depending on the manufacturer the location will vary. The model and serial number tag could be on the left or right side of the deck, on the back under the bag frame or on top of the deck near the rear or front wheels.


Depending on the engine type and manufacturer the model/serial/type tag could be in several different places.

  • Above the Starter - Metal tag directly above the rewind starter
  • Label on the Fuel Tank - Label on the side of the fuel tank
  • On the Metal Cover - Stamped directly into the metal near the spark plug
  • On the Valve Cover - Stamped on the left side of the overhead valve (OHV) cover

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