Kohler Oil Pump Assembly

Does your Kohler engine need a new oil pump or oil pump assembly? If so, you're probably looking for the which fits over 20 different Kohler engines, including: CH11GT-16104 , CH11GT-16118 , CH11PT-16107 , CH11S-16102 , CH11S-16119 , CH11S-16122 , CH11S-16124 , CH11S-16126 , CH11S-16127 , CH11S-16128 , CH11S-16133 , CH11S-16134 , CH11S-16136 , CH11S-16139 , CH11S-16141 , CH11S-16142 , CH11S-16147 and many more - view the product details for the Kohler 12 393 01-S oil pump assembly to see all of the engines it fits.

If you have a Kohler CH18-62567; CH18-62577; CH18-62626; CH18-62661; CH20-64616; CH20-64660; CH20-64670; CH20-64684; CH20-64694 or CH20-64746, however, you'll need the 

As one of the largest outdoor power equipment dealers in the United States, we have these Kohler Oil Pump Assemblies in stock and ready to ship. If you aren't sure which assembly you need, don't hesitate to call us at 877-306-3708 and we'll make sure you get the part you need at the best possible price. 

Oil Pump Assemblies 

The oil pump is a critical piece of any four-cycle outdoor power equipment, as it ensures that oil is continuously fed to the engine. Catching a failed oil pump early is important, because a failed oil pump can quickly turn into a failed engine due to the lack of oil circulation. 

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