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Oregon 49-014 Intake Manifold Gasket

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This is a Intake Manifold Gasket. Manufactured by Oregon. This is a shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material sealing the junction between two surfaces in an engine or other device.

Oregon 49-014

This is an Intake Manifold Gasket. Manufactured by Oregon. This is a shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material sealing the junction between two surfaces in an engine or other devices. If you need assistance in verifying that this Manifold Gasket will fit your mower we will be more than happy to assist you. Give us a call or email us, be sure to have your model and serial number handy.

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More Information
GTIN 00032488490141
Fits Tecumseh, John Deere
Fits Models N/A
Part Number 49-014
Replaces John Deere M152714, John Deere M49725, Tecumseh 29775, Tecumseh 30188, Tecumseh 30226, Tecumseh 32649, Tecumseh 32649A
Manufacturer Oregon
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We currently have 10 in stock.

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