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Scag 484100 Smvr-52v Cutter Deck Belt

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  • This is a single Cutter Drive Belt
  • Manufactured by Scag 
  • Brown in color 
  • 30 day return policy 
Scag 484100

This is a Smvr-52v Cutter Deck Belt. Manufactured by Scag. Round belts are a circular cross section belt designed to run in a pulley with a 60 degree V-groove. Round grooves are only suitable for idler pulleys that guide the belt, or when (soft) O-ring type belts are used. The V-groove transmits torque through a wedging action, thus increasing friction. 

If you need any assistance in verifying that this Cutter Drive Belt will fit your mower please call or email us. Make sure to have your model and serial number available. 

Fits Scag Models: 

  • SMVR-48V (S/N E8600001-E8699999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SMVR-52V (S/N E8700001-E8799999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR36A-15FSV-Ride (S/N J7500001-J7599999) Cutter Decks
  • SVR36A-19FX V-Ride (S/N J7600001-J7699999) Cutter Decks
  • SVR48V-22FX V-Ride (S/N J7700001-J7799999) Cutter Decks
  • SVR48V-24FX (S/N E8300001-E8399999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR48V-691FX (V-Ride) (S/N H3800001-H3899999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR48V-691FX V-Ride (S/N G1100001-G1199999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR48V-691FX V-Ride (S/N H3800001-H3899999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR52V-23FX V-Ride (S/N K6000001-K6099999) Cutter Decks
  • SVR52V-25CV-EFI V-Ride (S/N K6100001-K6199999) Cutter Decks
  • SVR52V-26FX (S/N E8400001-E8499999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR52V-730FX (V-Ride) (S/N H3900001-H3999999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR52V-730FX V-Ride (S/N G1200001-G1299999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR52V-730FX V-Ride (S/N H3900001-H3999999) 48V & 52V Cutter Decks
  • SVR61V-25FX V-Ride (S/N J7900001-J7999999) Cutter Decks
  • SVR61V-26CV-EFI V-Ride (S/N J8000001-J8099999) Cutter Decks
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Fits Scag
Fits Models N/A
Part Number 484100
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Manufacturer Scag
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