Proslide XT Complete

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Proslide XT Complete

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Proslide XT Complete
Proslide ps103000


The Proslide® XT allows you to mow more lawns faster while making them look even better. And riding the Proslide is very comfortable; the large platform has plenty of room, glides over bumps and leaves clean, welldefined stripes on the lawn. The Proslide XT lets you mow the way you want to, walking in tight areas and riding in open areas. There are no chains or cables to get in your way and it folds up tight, taking up no floor space on your trailer. It rides flat on the ground keeping you at the same height, walking or riding. Beautiful Stripes Gives a professional look with no wheel or foot marks. Walk Easily Automatically retracts completely out of your way. Smooth Ride No wheels to drop into holes for a very smooth ride on a large standing area. Ground Level No bending down to the controls, you're always at the same level, walking or riding. Safe Cannot jackknife and keeps the operator directly behind the controls. Your professional image demands that you pay strict attention to details like lawn appearance. The Proslide offers the opportunity to build your professional image, your referrals, and your income.


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Part Number ps103000
Manufacturer Proslide