Oil Filter

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Oil Filter

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Oil Filter / Caterpillar 7W2326
Stens 120-756


Oil Filter / Caterpillar 7W2326

Additional Information

Part Number 120-756
Manufacturer Stens
Fits Bobcat, Massey Ferguson, Clark Equipment, New Holland, Caterpillar, Ford, Gehl, Ditchwitch, Volvo, White
Fits Models Bobcat 2000 (w/Perkins eng.), 843 (w/Perkins 4.154 eng.) Skid Steer Loaders, V619 (w/Perkins 1104D-44TA engine), V638 (w/Perkins 1104C-44T eng.), V723 (w/Perkins 1104C-44T eng.) Telehandlers; Case 689G Telescopic Handlers; Caterpillar 414E (w/3054C eng.), 416B (S/N 8SG, 8ZK), 416C (S/N 1BR, 1LR, 1WR, 1XR, 4ZN, 5YN), 416D (S/N BFP, BKG), 416D (w/3054C eng.) (S/N B2D), 416D (w/3054C eng.) (S/N BFP), 416D (w/3054C eng.) (S/N BGJ, BKG, CXP), 416E (w/3054C or C4.4 eng.), 416F (w/C4.4 Acert tier 4 eng.) 2012-, 420D (w/3054C eng.) (S/N MBH), 420D (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N FDP, BMC, BKC, BLN), 420E (w/3054C eng.), 420E (w/C4.4 DITA eng.), 420F (w/ C4.4 Acert tier 4 eng.) 2012-, 422E (S/N HBE), 422F (w/ C4.4 Acert tier 4 eng.) 2012-, 424D (S/N BKR, BGP), 424D (w/3054C eng.) (S/N CJZ, RXA), 426B (S/N 5YJ, 6KL), 426C (S/N 1CR, 1ER, 1MR, 1NR, 1YR, 1ZR, 6XN, 7WN), 428B (S/N 7EJ1), 428D (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N BNS, BNB, BMT, BLL, BXC, MBM), 428E (S/N SNL), 428F (w/ C4.4 Acert tier 4 eng.) 2012-, 430D, 432D (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N BML, BNK, BLD, TDR, WEP), 430E (w/3054C eng.), 430E (w/C4.4 DITA eng.), 430F (w/ C4.4 Acert tier 4 eng.) 2012-, 432E (w/ 3054C or C4.4 eng.), 432F (w/Caterpillar C4.4 Engine), 434E (w/ 3054C or C4.4 eng.), 434F (w/Caterpillar C4.4 Engine), 436B (S/N 6MJ1, 7FL), 436C, 438B (S/N 3KK), 438C (S/N 1JR1), 438D (w/3054 eng.) (S/N BPE, BPN), 442D (w/3054 eng.) (S/N BRG, BRY), 442D (w/3054C eng.) (S/N SMJ, TBD, 442E (S/N GKZ), 444E (w/Caterpillar C4.4 Engine), 444F (w/Caterpillar C4.4 Engine), 450E (w/C4.4 eng.), 450E (w/Cat. C4.2 Acert eng.) 2008-, 450F (w/Caterpillar C4.4 Engine) Backhoe Loaders, 213 (w/Perkins eng.), 214 (w/Perkins eng.), 311C, 312, 312CLM (w/3054T eng.) (S/N CKE, BNN, CBT), 312 (w/3054 eng.) (S/N 6BL1), 315, 317, 317N (w/3054 eng.) (S/N 3ZM, 4MM, 9SR), 320L (w/Perkins eng.) (S/N 9KK1019-), M312 (w/Perkins eng.) (S/N 6TL), M313D (w/C4.4 eng.), M315 (w/Perkins eng.), M315D (w/C4.4 Acert eng.) Excavators, TH103 (w/Caterpillar 3054T eng.) (S/N 3PN1), TH220B (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N SLA), TH255 (w/Caterpillar 4.4 DIT Tier III eng.), TH330B, TH340B (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N SLB, SLC), TH350B, TH360B (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N SLD, SLE), TH355B (w/Caterpillar 3054E eng.) (S/N JRK), TH406, TH407 (w/C4.4 DITAAC eng.), TH460B (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N SLF), TH560B, TH580B (w/Caterpillar 3054 eng.) (S/N SLG, SLH), TH62 (w/Caterpillar 3054T eng.) (S/N 3LN1, 4TM), TL1055 (w/Cat. C4.4 EDITAAC eng.), TL1055 (w/Cat. C4.4TA eng.) Telescopic Handlers, 908 (S/N 8BS), 914 (w/Perkins eng.), 914G (S/N 7ZM, 9WM), 914G2 (w/C4.4 eng.) Wheel Loaders; CLARK EQUIPMENT C500, CMP40D , CMP45D, CMP50D, CMP60D, CMP70D, CMP75S, CMP75sD; Ditchwitch R100; GEHL CT6-18 (w/Perkins 1104-C44 eng.), CT7-23 (w/Perkins 1104.D44TA Engine), SL-5620 (w/Perkins 4-154 eng.), SL-5625, SX & DX (w/Perkins 4-154 eng.), SL-6620,SL-6625 (w/Perkins 4-154 eng.), SL-7610 (w/Perkins 1104C-44 eng.), SL-7810 (w/Perkins 1104C-E44T eng.); Hitachi UH06DT, UH07, W90; VOLVO EC130, EC150 (w/Perkins eng.), EC130C, EC150C, EC160, EC160 (w/Volvo TD40GHE, TD40KGE engs.), EW130, EW150 (w/TD40 eng.), EW130C, EW150C (w/TD40 eng.), EW140 (w/TD40GBE eng.), EW160 (w/TD40KGE eng.), FLC140 (w/D4A eng.) 9/96 - 9/00, L50D (w/Perkins TD40GJE) (To S/N 13154)
Replaces Bobcat 960698, Caterpillar 7W2326, Clark Equipment 960698, Ditchwitch 155955, Ford D8NN-6714-LA, Gehl 79756, Massey Ferguson 1447031-M1, Massey Ferguson 1447031-M2, Massey Ferguson 2654407, Massey Ferguson 3621142-M1, Massey Ferguson 3621289-M1, New Holland 505062, New Holland 865466616, Volvo 3976603, White 31-2752257