Find your Lawn Mower Model and Serial number fast and easy.

All Lawn mowers have two Model and 2 serial numbers. One for the unit and one for the engine and
Sometimes even one for the Mower Deck. Here are a few examples of Model and serial numbers on lawn mowers to help you get a visual reference.

briggs model number
Briggs and Stratton Model, four digit Type and code number is located on the rocker cover engraved in the top as shown above.

Ferris and Snapper ZTR Model number is located on the right side of the mower (If your sitting on it) on the frame just under the tank as shown in the picture above.

Grasshopper Model and serial number is located on the right side wall (If your sitting on it) the Model Tag for a Grasshopper is pictured above.

Here is an example of Serial number break downs for Toro. Like many other brand mowers. You may have four of the same model number broken down by multiple Serial numbers. Manufactures make the same model of mower for an alloted amount of time and in that time frame there maybe slight changes made in the design of that model. This is where the Serial numbers come into play. As shown below in the model diagram example, You see there are 4 of the same Lawn Mower Model number with different serial numbers. These may have different belts,engines, carburators etc... there can be multiple differences in these even though they share the same model number.

This is an example of multiple serial numbers for Lawn mowers with the same Model Number.

It is very important to have the correct model and serial numbers to the unit in question when calling for Parts. With out these valid Numbers... we cannot lookup parts.

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