Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Cub Blade (742-04053)

Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Cub Blade (742-04053)

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Oregon Gator Blade
Oregon 91-938


Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Cub Blade (742-04053) 91-938

Additional Information

Fits Cub Cadet
Length 17 7/8"
Center Hole 5/8" Y 6 pt. star
Part Number 91-938
Manufacturer Oregon
Replaces Cub Cadet 490-110-C123, Cub Cadet 490-110-M126, Cub Cadet 742-04053, Cub Cadet 742-04053A, Cub Cadet 742-04053B, Cub Cadet 742-04053C, Cub Cadet 942-04053, Cub Cadet 942-04053A, Cub Cadet 942-04053B, Cub Cadet 942-04053C, Cub Cadet 942-04053C-X, Cub Cadet 942-04053-X, Cub Cadet OCC-742-04053, Cub Cadet OEM-742-04053
Width 2 1/2"
Outer Hole 5/16"
Center-to-Center 2 1/2"
Thickness 0.187"
Air Lift 1"
Offset 15/16"