Belt Mtd-1/2 X 31

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Belt Mtd-1/2 X 31

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Oregon 75-092


Belt Mtd-1/2 X 31

Additional Information

Length 31-1/4"
Width 1/2"
Type Wrapped Clutching
Part Number 75-092
Manufacturer Oregon
Fits American Hardware, Ace Hardware, Agway, Aldens, Allied Hardware, Automotive Associates, Cenex, Coast To Coast, Columbia Products, Caldor, Affiliated Export, Affiliated Landmaster, Aimcee Wholesale, Benny'S, Channel Co., Concord, Crusader, Cussin & Fearn, Dean Phipps Auto S
Replaces Agway 37X11, Gamble Skogmo 21615, Lawn Chief 21615, Murray 21615, Murray 37X11, Oklahoma Tire&Supply 21615, Oklahoma Tire&Supply 21615954-0935, Penney'S 21615, Sears 037X61MA, Sears 123796X, Sears 21615, Sears 37X11