Blade, Fusion Exmark 22-3/4in Low L

Blade, Fusion Exmark 22-3/4in Low L

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Oregon 492-124


Blade, Fusion Exmark 22-3/4in Low L

Additional Information

Fits Exmark
Length 22 2/3"
Center Hole 15/16"
Part Number 492-124
Manufacturer Oregon
Replaces Exmark 103-9612-S, Exmark 103-9616, Exmark 103-9616-S, Exmark 103-9619, Exmark 103-9619-S, Exmark 103-9620, Exmark 103-9620-S, Exmark 103-9630, Exmark 103-9630-S, Exmark 103-9818-S, Exmark 109-5878, Exmark 109-5878-S, Exmark 109-6464, Exmark 109-6464-S, Exmark 109-9394-S, Exmark 116-5500-S
Width 3"
Thickness 0.203"
Air Lift 5/8"
Offset 3/8"
Extra Info (Requires 3) for Triton 66 deck, Low lift