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Starter Spring

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Starter Spring

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Starter Spring / Echo 17722042030
Stens 155-244


Starter Spring / Echo 17722042030

Additional Information

Part Number 155-244
Manufacturer Stens
Fits GB, Echo
Fits Models Echo ED200, ED2000, EDR210, EDR2100, EDR2400, ES210, ES211, ES230, ES231, ES255, ES1000, ES2000, ES2100, ES2400, DH212, GC230, GT200, GT200R, GT201, GT201R, GT230, GT231, GT251, GT251E, GT2000, GT2000R, GT2000SB, GT2400, GC230, HC150, HC151, HC155, HC160, HC161, HC165, HC180, HC181, HC185, HC200, HC201, HC225, HC231, HC235, HC245, HC1500, HC1600, HC2000, HC2400, HC2410, HCA265, HCA2400, HCR150, HCR151, HCR1500, PAS211, PAS230, PAS265, PAS2000, PAS2100, PAS2400, PB24LN, PB200, PB201, PB230LN, PB231LN, PB251, PB255, PB260L, PB261L, PB265, PB265L, PB1000, PB2400, PE200, PE201, PE230, PE231, PE260, PE265, PE265S, PE2000, PE2400, PE2601, PE3100, PPF210, PPF211, PPF2100, PPF2110, PPFD2400, PPSR2122, PPSR2433, PPT2100, PPT265, PPT265S, SHC210, SHC211, SHC212, SHC265, SHC1700, SHC2100, SHC2400, SHR210, SHR2100, SRM210, SRM210SB, SRM210U, SRM211, SRM211SB, SRM211U, SRM230, SRM251, SRM251, SRM251E, SRM260, SRM261, SRM265, SRM265S, SRM265T, SRM265U, SRM310, SRM340, SRM2100, SRM2110, SRM2400, SRM2400SB, SRM2410, SRS2100, SRS2400, TC210, TC2100 and WP1000
Replaces Echo 17722042030, GB GB34025